Saturday, August 06, 2016

Chandigarh International Airport

Total land 305 acres.

Key Features of New Airport Infrastructure for Economic Sustainability:

  • Strategic location
  • Apron & link taxi track
  • Boundary wall
  • Electrically operated automated trolley gate 100 m wide
  • Substation equipment
  • Baggage handling system
  • Apron edge light and high mast light
  • Passenger boarding bridge
  • Interior work & art work
  • Airport systems (HHDM, DFMD, X Rays)


  • The largest airport infrastructure of North India (after Delhi). Created on schedule without anytime and cost overruns, the project is an amalgamation of various packages like huge civil infrastructure in combination with electrical works, HVAC, fire fighting, fire alarm, BMS & EMS, PA system, FIDS,etc. a perfect management and contract management.
  • Achievement also include, complete compliance of performance on MoU parameters withthe Ministry of Govt. of India.

Construction Technology Adopted

  • Project management software used (MS Project) for monitoring and resource planning.
  • Two huge tower cranes erected for speedy construction.
  • Two Batching plants with 4 Silos erected at the site.
  • Quality lab set up onsite.
  • 9 Transit Mixers used.
  • Three concrete pumps.
  • One boom Liftconcrete used.
  • 4 manlifters up to 30m height used along with sufficient scissor lifts.
  • Several cranes and Hydra lifters used on site.
  • RMC from outside along withinternal resources used.
  • 30 m height platform constructed for roofing works.
  • 150 tonne capacity cranes used for lifting huge MS structure.
  • In- house designes and fabricated derrick used for lifting and erecting trusses.

Environmental Impact Mitigation Measures:

  • Non polluting construction environment created during construction as per GRIHA norms.
  • Continuous spraying of water on dusted roads and construction area. 
  • All the trees in construction area protected by barricades.
  • An additional 1000 trees planted along the boundary wall. 
  • DG sets with acoustic enclosure used during construction.
  • All waste collection points identified.
  • Jute bags used for curing of concrete.

Wheel washing facility provided at gate to minimise the impact of construction zone.

Deployment of Green Technology & Solar Plant

  • This is the first airport in North India to become self sufficient in energy after completion of solar plant of 3 MW in 2016.
  • A 4 star GRIHA rating for green intiative awarded

Environment Friendly Material used 

  • Flyash brciks- around 55 lakhs
  • Double insulated roofing system
  • DGU & high performance glasses
  • Skylights for use of maximum daylight
  • Low VOC paints
  • Cavity Walls
  • Energy efficient chillers with 6.3 COP for HVAC
  • Energy efficient gearless motor for elevators.
  • VFDS for high capacity motors
  • LED type electrical fixtures,
  • 600 KLD STP plant installed for treating sewage and waste water.
  • Treated water from STP plant will be used for HVAC, Flushing, gardening etc.
  • Rain water harvesting wells.
  • Sensor based plumbing fitting for water conservation. 
  • All electrical motor are of energy efficiency class-1.


  • Treated water from STP plant will be used for HVAC, flushing, gardening etc.
  • While rain water harvesting wells will be spread across the storm water drainage system, a sensor based plumbing fitting will be used for water conservation.

Other Highlights

  • Minimum cost of construction as compared to any other airports- Rs 65000 per sq.m.