Monday, January 11, 2021

Technology used to protect building from damaging earthquake effect

Technology used to protect building from damaging earthquake effect are

Base Isolation Devices

Seismic Dampers 

In Base Isolation Device the building is detach from the ground, so that earthquake motions are not transmitted up through the building, or at least it is reduced.

In Seismic dampers are devices introduced in the building to absorb the energy provided by the ground motion to the building.

Bareilly Airport to connect with Lucknow and Delhi

 New Delhi: Airports Authority of India, in its effort to link under-served and un-served airports through RCS routes, is developing the civil enclave at Bareilly for the commencement of civil flight operations for Lucknow and Delhi under Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS UDAN).

Bareilly Airport belongs to the Indian Air Force (IAF) and AAI has developed a New civil enclave with interim Terminal Building of area 525 sqm along with apron for parking of one ATR 72 type of Aircraft. The Interim Terminal Building will be utilized for the commencement of RCS operations. 

Friday, January 08, 2021

Why Earthquake Effects are to be reduced?

First question arise why there is need of reducing earthquake effect on buildings. 

Due to Seismic Design structural buildings do not collapse under strong earthquake shaking. But, it may damage to non- structural elements like glass facades.

Seismic designed building are more costlier, but this cost is justified through improved seismic performance.