Sunday, February 05, 2017

Basic principle for the seismic design of buildings Part 1

The architect and engineer collaborate from the outset.

It is important that there should be close collaboration between the architect and the engineer from the earliest planning stage of any building project in order to ensure a good outcome, guarantee structural safety, reduce vulnerability and limit costs. 

                                    The architect deals with the aesthetic and functional design, while the engineer produces a safe, efficient and economical structure. 

Serial Design:

  The architect  :
  • Performs the conceptual design
  • Selects the types and materials of the non- structural partition walls and facade elements before entrusting the engineer with the calculations and detailed design of the structure. In it seismic loading calculation is done for only gravity load and the non- structural elements. By then the structure is only fixed for earthquakes. This result in an expensive and unsatisfactory patchwork.

Parallel Design:

 It is more economical. The architect and the engineer design together, and taking into account all the requirements, develop a safe, efficient, and economical structure for gravity loads and seismic action.
                                    They together select non- structural  partition walls and facade elements.

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