Sunday, February 05, 2017

Basic Principle for the Seismic design of Buildings: No significant additional cost thanks to modern methods!

No significant additional cost thanks to modern methods!
 The expenditure needed to ensure adequate seismic resistance strongly depend on the approach selected during the conceptual design phase and on the relevant design method:

Conceptual design phase:
No significant additional cost thanks to modern methods
                                        Seismic provision must be taken into consideration in the architectural design of the building as well as in conceptual design of the structure. Above all, Substantial extra costs may be incurred if modification and additions to the structure need to be made at an advanced stage, since they often require modification of the architectural design also.   

Design method:                           
                         Intensive research has improved the understanding of the behaviour of a building or structure during a n earthquake. Compare to older method, the costs of seismic resistance of a building is reduced or the performance during an earthquake is notably improved, thus reducing vulnerability. The advantages of the modern method are as follow:
  • drastic reduction in the seismic design forces at ultimate limit state.
  • better resistance against collapse
  • good deformation control
  • prevention of damage for earthquake up to a chosen intensity.
  • larger flexibility in case of changes in building use
  • practically equal costs.. 

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