Monday, February 06, 2017

Casting yard

Casting yard

A casting yard  is a confined place where all the concrete structures like segments, I-griders/ beams etc are casted. The casting yard brings factory- controlled production techniques, efficiency, quality control, and time savings to bridge construction. Fabricating bridge segments in a separate area also removes casting operations from the construction critical path and reduces overall construction time.
 Regardless of the project location or size, a contractor's casting yard for bridge segments has several essential features. These include:

-delivery and storage areas, 
-a concrete batch plant, 
-a rebar cage assembly area, 
-one or more casting cells, 
-steam curing facilities,
-geometric control stations, and
-segment storage and handling facilities.

The size of yard depends upon the size of the job and required rate of segment production. A typical production rate is four or five segments per five - day work week.
Producing bridge segments in casting yard away from the bridge construction site is a major advantage of segmental concrete bridges.

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