Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Concrete as per IS 456:2000

Concrete as per  IS 456:2000

The minimum grade of concrete for plain and reinforced shall be as per Table 5. The IS 456: 2000 specifies that in all cases the 28- days compressive strength given in Table 2 (IS 456-2000) shall alone be the criteria for acceptance or rejection of the concrete. In addition Table 11 (IS 456-2000) gives the characteristic compressive strength compliance requirements.

The code suggest that concrete will be liable to be rejected if it is porous or honeycombed, its placing has been interrupted without providing a proper construction joint, the reinforcement has been displaced beyond tolerances specified, or construction tolerances have not met. Clause no. 6.2.2 (IS 456-2000) explains about the tensile strength of concrete. Clause no. (IS 456-2000) explains about the modulus of elasticity of concre
te. The total shrinkage of concrete depends upon the constituents of concrete, size of the member and environmental conditions.