Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Reinforcement as per IS 456:2000

Reinforcement as per  IS 456:2000

The reinforcement shall be placed and maintained in position by providing proper cover blocks, spacers, supporting bars, chairs etc. Reinforcement shall be placed tied such that concrete placement is possible without seggregation, and compaction possible by an immersion vibrator. Rough handling, shock loading and the dropping of reinforcement from a height should be avoided. Sand blasting is one of the treatments recommended to clean reinforcement. Reinforcement shall be bent and fixed in accordance with procedure specified in IS 2502. The reinforcement can be any of the following:

a) Mild steel and medium tensile steel bars conforming to IS 432 (part 1).

b) High strength deformed steel bars conforming to IS 1786.

c) Hard- drawn steel wire fabric conforming to IS 1566.

d) Structural steel conforming to Grade A of IS 2062.