Thursday, February 09, 2017

What information is needed to start design of bridge as per IRC:5?

According to it, following information is needed before starting design of bridge:

  • Collection of the data:
  1. General data including maps, plans & topographic features.
  2. Index map showing location of bridge.
  3. Contour survey plan.
  4. Site Plan (showing all relevant details).
  5.  Cross- section of channel.
  6. Hydraulic data for particular bridge site selected.
  7. Geological data.
  8. Loading data.

  •  Determination of design discharge.
  • Determination of linear waterway and effective linear waterway.
  • Spacing and location of piers and abutments.
  • Vertical clearance.
  • Freeboard.
  • Obstruction and river training.
  • Determination of maximum depth of scour.
  • Culverts.
  • Kerbs.
  • Width of Roadway and foot-way.
  • Super elevation.
  • Drainage of roadway.
  • Expansions joints.
  • Bridge foundations.