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Example 1
1 10.5 2.0 8.5
2 0.0 0.0 0.0
3 5.25 0.0 8.5 6 50.25 0.0 8.5
In this example, X Y Z coordinates of joints 1 to 6 are provided. Note that the joints between 3 & 6 will be generated with joints equally spaced from 3 to 6. Hence, joint 4 will have coordinates of 20.25 0.0 8.5 and joint 5 will have coordinates of 35.25 0.0 8.5.

These commands allow the user to specify and generate the coordinates of the joints of the structure. The JOINT COORDINATES command initiates the specification of the coordinates. The REPEAT and REPEAT ALL commands allow easy generation of coordinates using repetitive patterns.

General Format
i1, x1, y1, z1, ( i2, x2, y2, z2, i3 )

REPEAT n, xi1, yi1, zi1, (xi2, yi2, zi2,..., xin, yin, zin)
REPEAT ALL n, xi1, yi1, zi1, (xi2, yi2, zi2,..., xin, yin,
n is limited to 150

JTORIG xOrigin yOrigin zOrigin
band-spec = (NOREDUCE BAND)

NOCHECK = Do not perform check for multiple structures or orphan

The command JOINT COORDINATES specifies a Cartesian Coordinate System. Joints are defined using the global X, Y and Z coordinates. The command JOINT COORDINATES CYLINDRICAL specifies a Cylindrical Coordinate System. Joints are defined using the r, q and z coordinates. JOINT COORDINATES CYLINDRICAL REVERSE specifies a Reverse Cylindrical Coordinate system. Joints are defined using the r, y and q coordinates.
JTORIG causes the program to use a different origin than (0, 0, 0) for all of the joints entered with this JOINT COORDINATES command. It is useful in instances such as when the center of cylinder is not at (0, 0, 0) but at a different point in space. The JTORIG command should be entered on a separate command line.
Basically after the joint coordinates are entered or generated, then the xOrigin, yOrigin, and zOrigin values are added to the coordinates. For example a cylinder could be generated about the Y axis then moved by this command to its proper place. To create multiple offset structural parts, enter additional JOINT COORDINATES commands, each one followed by its JTORIG command.