Sunday, February 12, 2017

Slide- In Bridge Construction

Slide- In Bridge Construction (SIBC)-A Stepping Stone To Broader Use of all Accelerated Bridge Construction Methods

On a Slide- In Bridge Construction (SIBC) project, a new bridge is built on temporary supports, usually parallel to an existing bridge. During construction, traffic continues uninterrupted on the existing bridge. When construction is compleded, the road is closed temporarily. The existing structure is demolished or removed. The new bridge is positioned in place,tied into the approaches, and paved, generally within 72 hours. 
SIBS offers several advantages:
-All the benefits of other ABC technologies.
-Less traffic disruption.
-Greater safety for motorists and construction workers (due primarily to shortened work- zone durations)
- Greater quality and constructability
-Reduced enviornmental impacts from vehicle and construction equipment emissions.

SIBC can eliminate construction joints associated with phased construction, leading to a more durable deck.