Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Steps involve in designing any structure

Design of any structure involves following steps:


  • Estimation of the loading on the structure
  • Soil investigation to be decided on the basis of tentative loads and type of structure/ foundations, as per the architectural layout plan
  • Co-ordination/ incorporation of requirements of other building services like public health, electrical, lifts, air conditioning, fire fighting etc into architectural drawings
  • Structural analyses ( computerized or manual, as the case may be)
  • Structural design of various components (columns, beams, slabs, secondary beams- not included in frame analysis, staircases, load bearing brick walls and foundations).

    Depending on the analyses/ design software being used some structural components may require manual design taking into consideration various provisions of ductility detailing from seismic considerations etc. The structure has to be so designed so as to satisfy all the requirements of safety, durability and economy.

    Finally preparation of working structural drawings.