Thursday, April 27, 2017

StaadPro editor command for concrete member property

The following example shows the required input:
1 3 TO 7 9 PRISM YD 18. ZD 12. IZ 2916 IY 1296
11 13 PR YD 12.
14 TO 16 PRIS YD 24. ZD 48. YB 18. ZB 12.
17 TO 19 PR YD 24. ZD 18. ZB 12.

In the above input, the first set of members are rectangular (18 inch depth and 12 inch width) and the second set of members, with only depth and no width provided, will be assumed to be circular with 12 inch diameter. Note that no area (AX) is provided for these members.
The third and the fourth set of members in the above example represent a Tshape and a TRAPEZOIDAL shape respectively. Depending on the properties (YD, ZD, YB, ZB, etc.) provided, the program will determine whether the section is rectangular, trapezoidal or T-shaped and the BEAM design will be done accordingly.

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