Wednesday, March 03, 2021

What is the difference between a steel lintel and an RCC lintel?

A lintel is a horizontal load bearing member in construction. Lintels support wall or wall cladding above window and door openings.

Steel Lintel

Steel lintels are generally made from pre-galvanised steel which is cut and either roll-formed or pressed into the required shape. Steel has the advantage over concrete in that the lintels are usually lighter and are easier to handle on site.

These are used when the superimposed loads are heavy and openings are large. These consist of channel sections or rolled steel joists. We can use one single section or in combinations depending up on the requirement. When used singly, the steel joist is either embedded in concrete or cladded with stone facing to keep the width same as width of wall. When more than one units are placed side by side, they are kept in position by tube separators.

Reinforced Cement Concrete Lintel

At present, the lintel made of reinforced concrete are widely used to span the openings for doors, windows, etc. in a structure because of their strength, rigidity, fire resistance, economy and ease in construction. These are suitable for all the loads and for any span. The width is equal to width of wall and depth depends on length of span and magnitude of loading. RCC lintels can have a finish matching other components and details of the fa├žade, unifying the entire design. Rebar's in RCC lintels can be epoxy coated to prevent corrosion.


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