Monday, December 20, 2021

How to create node at unequal distance in Midas Civil?

 Click Node/ element

click create node

click on box under coordinate. where ever you want to create node define its coordinate. if its origin type 0,0,0
click apply, node at the origin will be created.
let copy this node . for this click translate.

click unequal distance, choose required axis . Let we choose x. Than click distance, if we are typing 2,4, 5@1= it means node to be copied at 2m , 4m and 5 times at 1m spacing. than use select all or select single to select single node. click apply. In this first node is created 2m apart in x direction, second is created 4m apart from second node. Than third node are created 1m apart from second node and so on.

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