Monday, December 13, 2021

Table Window - Midas Civil


It display all types of data entry, analysis and design results in the spread sheet format.

Example double click section under the table tab.

All define section will be listed in tabular form. you can directly edit the value of section by re entering input parameter.

Similarly analysis result can be seen in tabular format in post processing section.

Click on results

Click on result tables

choose any of required result beam - force

Choose the load case - ok
List of analysis result in tabular format.

Right click anywhere on table.

Click on export to excel

save the file.

Afterward you can open excel file from saved location.

Similarly sorting is allowed in table window. right click on anywhere on table. and choose sorting dialog.

example if we want to sort moment y in ascending order. click moment y.

click greater than icon

Click Asc moment y. Here Asc stand for ascending order.

Click up to move moment

click sort and closed table is now sorted.

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