Thursday, December 09, 2021

Tree Menu in Midas Civil

  • Table Menu display all type of data entry analysis and design result in form of spreadsheet format.

For that double click on nodes- you get node along with coordinate are listed in spread sheet format.
Tables are excel compatible means data can be copy from excel and pasted in Midas Civil and vice versa.

  • Work Menu: Systemize entire modelling process. we can review status of input

Example when you double click on node all the nodes are selected

Similarly when you double click on any material property all the material having that property is selected

It has one more feature you can drag properties. Example when you drag property from Girder1 to Main Girder 2 it will automatically change properties of Main grider.

One more feature is to display loads , right click on element beam load

choose Display

Group tab is used for construction stages allow element , boundary conditions group to be activated and de activated during different stages.
Report tab used to compile dynamic report .


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