Thursday, February 09, 2017

Introduction to Vastu shastra

Vastu Shastra


Astrology is science and is applicable to buildings also. Whether one believes in astrology or not, it is accepted that there is predetermined destiny in the life of everyone. It is the subject of Astrology that helps a man to understand his fields of fortune or areas of adversity. By adopting astrological norms, the owner of the house and his family can derive peace, pleasure and prosperity.

 Elements of Astrology:

According to Astrology, the human frame provides the model fro designing dwelling houses. The entrance of houses facing East is the face. Two nitches made in the walls on either side serve as eyes, used for placing lights in the night. The window on either side of doorway is the nasal aperture through which the house respires. The courtyard after the main entrance is the lung. The length of the house in excess of breath.

Origin of Vaastupurush:

According to a myth in the Mastya Purana, a fight between Lord Shiva and a dark giant Andhakasur resulted in the creation of Vasstu, which enveloped the earth with his head pointed in the Northeast direction and the feet towards the southwest. From the cosmic image of the Vaastupurush, the concept of Vaastupurush mandala takes form. In the square of these mandalas, the center is the Brahma sthana, the site of the principal deity. Encircling it are the padas or the seats of the lesser deities. Around this in a mandala of 64 padas are 32 divinties that preside in these areas and positioning of various areas is derived from these.

The Vaastupurush mandala thus provides a formula to determine the functions of the builing in relation to orientation. After the completion of the building, the Vaastupurush mandala becomes an icon and it is for this reason that offerings are made to all gods at the time of grahapravesh for continued prosperity.

Classification of Vaastupurush:

 The Vaastupurush further has three manifestations:

  1. The Sthir vaastu
  2. The Char vaastu
  3. The Nitya vaastu

Meaning of Vasstu Shastra:
Vaastu shastra means building science and deals with:

  1. Principles involved in selection of sites.
  2. Configuration of plans, specifying orientation of rooms to cardinal directions.
  3. Selection of materials used for building construction.
  4. Dimensioning.
The common objectives of safety, comforts, elegance and economy are the prime considerations in the construction of a building.