Thursday, February 09, 2017

Site Selection on basis of Astrological considerations

Following are Guidelines that are applicable in selection of sites on Astrological considerations but not have any Architectural/ Scientific Explanation.

1. The size of the room has its influence on the longerity, prosperity, popularity, etc.

2. The height of the compound wall should be not less than 2/3 rd the height of the main door.

3.The site should be examined thoroughly to ensure that the site is free from bones, iron, ash, charcoal, husk, skull, etc.

4.Adjacent properties can be purchased and added to the existing property if the adjacent property is towards the North East of the existing property. But property on South West should not be acquired and added with the existing one.

5.The rainwater from the neighboring plot from East or North and the sullage water from any direction should not flow towards the subject plot.

6. The use of Mango for joinery will get the blessings of God to the owner.

7.The picture of Lord Krishna playing the flute should not be hung in the pooja room, but can be placed in drawing room. In puja room, picture of Lord Krishna with his consort Radha along with cow and calf should be kept.

8.Partitioning of a house building is not advisable.

9.Fixing of main doors and windows:
Fixing up door should be when the Vaastu Purusha is lying down and i the portion of his stomach. The months on which the building was commenced have significant role in placing the doors in proper directions. The four months viz. Ani (June & July), Purattasi (September & October), Marghazhi (December & January), and Panguni (February & March) are not auspicious periods to commence the building. The direction on which the entrance door should face must be placed according to the rasis (Sign occupied by the Moon at the time of birth) of the owners to bring them fortune. The size of main door frame should be in ratio 9:5 for prosperity. The front door of the house should be lower than the internal door. The shutter should be fixed on the left side of the frame. The size of windows shall be in ratio of 3: 5. Total number of doors & Windows taken separately should be even in number and should not have zeros in the ending.

10.Position of other doors & windows:

Fixing of a front entrance door is one of the important events in a house building and this is commonly known as Vasakkal Muhurtham, or Dehali Dwara Thorana dhevata Prathista. The Navarthana is to be placed in the pit on the right side of the door frame before fixing it.
If Positioning of Door is on all three sides except east, than effect will be Fear or theft. If Position of door is on three side except south, than effect will be good.

11.Good and Bad omens:

The following are few good Owens at the time when the owner proceeds to commence the building or for house warming: 
                    Two cows, The religious Brahmins, A naked child.
The bad omens are:
Buffalo's, Widows, Sick people, Cow of black color.