Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Roofing specifications

C.G.S Sheet Roofing:

  • Slope of roof not flatter than 1 vertical to 5 horizontal.
  • In case of roofs having slopes less than 1 vertical to 2.5 horizontal sheets, not joined together at the side laps by galvanized iron bolts and nuts of 25 * 6 mm size, with bitumen and a GI limpet washes.
  • Holes for bolts punched and not drilled from the underside.

ACC Sheet Roofing:

  • The distance between the edge and the holes is less than 40 mm.
  • Roof ladder and planks not used while laying the sheets.
  • Side lap not lay on the side.

 Rain Water Pipes:

  • The pipes used are not of specified size, diameter or weight.
  • M.S. hold clamps not of required shape and size.
  • Clamp hooks not embedded in concrete blocking.
  • Joint not kept for 7 days.