Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Flooring Specifications

  • Cement concrete flooring not laid within 48 hours of laying of cement concrete sub-base. In case of lime concrete sub- base, cement concrete flooring is to be laid after 7 days and not later than 10 days.
  • Surface of sub - grade is not roughened with steel wire brushes.
  • Cement slurry not applied at 2 kg per sq.m either to sub- grade or to RCC slab before laying the flooring.
  • Concrete of floors not beaten up to get the cream of mortar.
  • Thickness of flooring laid is less than what is specified.
  • Sprinkling the dry cement or mixture of sand and cement to absorb excessive moisture.
  • Curing not done for a minimum of 10 days.
  • Overlapping of edges of panels.
  • Sometimes, tiles/ stones are laid on a bed of dry mortar, this will result in flooring sounding hollow when tapped with a wooden mallet. Some tiles working loose and there may be no bond between the stone/ tiles and the sub- grade or RCC slab.
  •  Finishing slope not properly done especially in kitchen, bathroom and balconies. Sometimes, slope provided in the reverse direction.
  • In case of marble chips flooring, it is not laid between 18 to 24 hours after the laying of under layer.
  • Flooring should confirm to IS: 777 and terrazzo tile flooring confirm to IS: 1237.  

Terrazo Tile Flooring:

  • Thickness of tiles not as specified.
  • Tiles do not have required transverse strength.
  • Thickness of bedding mortar less than 10 mm.
  • Cement slurry not applied @ 4.4 kg/sq.m before laying tiles.
  •  First grinding of tiles not done in factory before delivering at site.

Marble/ Kota Flooring:

  •  Average thickness of bedding should be 20 mm and not less than 12 mm at any place.
  • Cement slurry not applied @ 4.4 kg. Per sq. m. over the bedding mortar before laying stone slabs.
  • Thickness not as specified.

Daddooing/ Skirting:

  • Dadoo not flushed with well wall plaster or not projecting uniformly by 6mm from the wall plaster.
  • Dadoo not laid along with border or adjacent floor panels.
  • The joints in the dadoo/ skirting not kept true and straight in continuation of the line of joints in borders or adjacent panels.