Monday, February 08, 2016

Wood Work Specifications

  • Wood used has cracks.
  • Application of putti is not uniform.
  • Screws are nailed instead of being screwed.
  • Moisture content in wood is more than permissible limits.
  • Hold fasts are directly fixed in wood instead of concreting.

    Brief Specifications for Wood Work: 

    • Frames of joineries may be made of timber. Usually, teak, deodar or rose woods have high demand.
    • They should be treated with preservative and termite resistant chemicals. The finish product should be free from knots, cracks, twists, or, warps.
    • Maximum moisture content in seasoned timber should not exceed 8 % to 14 % depending upon the use and thickness. Details can be referred from IS: 267.
    • The plywood used for panelling of door shutters should be BWR (Boiling water proofing) grade.