Sunday, February 07, 2016

Steel work specifications

  • Steel sections with excessive rust.
  • Primary coat is not applied.
  • Welded fillets not well formed and filed.
  • Large gaps between masonry and joinery frames.
  • Finish of steel grills for windows unsatisfactory.

Brief Specifications for steel work:

  • The ordinary quality of steel designated as SI: 320 conforming to IS: 1977 shall be used for windows frames, door, window bars, grills, steel gates, hand railings etc.
  • The finished material shall reasonably be free from cracks, surface floors lamination's, rough and imperfect edges, excessive rust scaling and pitting.
  • The primer to be applied for steel work is zinc chromate conforming to IS: 104.
  • Welding should be made in the flat position, wherever practicable. The member, which offer the greatest resistance to compression to be welded first.
  • Weld should be free from cracks, discontinuity in welding and should not be undersize, oversize, undercutting or over cutting. The surface of weld should be free from porosity, cavities, burnt or scale.
  • Following inspection and testing should be done.:
  • Visual inspection.
  • Bent testing.
  •  Tensile testing.
  • Magnetic particle radio graphic testing. It should be done as described in IS: 1182.

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