Saturday, February 06, 2016

Staadpro- Generating the model geometry

  • First select add beam option given under geometry icon in menu bar. This will initiate a grid in the main drawing area as shown below.

 The directions of the global axes (X,Y,Z) are represented in the icon in lower left hand corner of the drawing area.

  • Snap Node/ Beam Dialog box appear in the data area on the right side of the screen.

Linear tab :    is for placing the construction lines perpendicular to one another.
Radial tab:     it enables construction lines to appear in a spider- web style.
Irregular tab:  used to create grid lines with unequal spacing that lie on the global planes or on an inclined planes.

Example: Portal

In above structure we have 3 members and 4 nodes lying in the X-Y plane. On your screen you can see dialog box as below.

  •  First select X-Y plane of the grid.
  • Size of the model is controlled by the number of Construction Lines..
  • By setting
Number of lines to the right of the origin along X = 20
Number of lines above the origin along Y           =  15
Spacing of lines along both X and Y                =  1 feet
(or we can give different spacing also as per requirement of structure)
  • Creating nodes: 
First activate Snap Node/ Beam button by clicking on it.
With help of mouse, click at the origin (0,0) to create the first node.
Similarly click in sequence on other nodes (0, 15), (20, 15) and (20, 0). Where first node represent x value and second y value (i.e. X,Y).

After this steps done, the structure is displayed in the drawing area as shown below.

  • After this close grid line, for this close button in the Snap Node/ Beam Dialog box.

  •  The grid will now be removed and the structure in the main window should resemble the figure shown below.


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