Thursday, March 30, 2017

Manual checking of Staadpro inputs

Model checking

It is important to check the UNITS at every stage while modeling since it may lead to a unexpected error in the output. While modeling use of length units may be in meter for beam, column and plate and while entering the properties it is usual practice to make use of either mms or inch unit . While inputting the LOADS on members check the UNIT system is in KN and meter system since the program continues to use the previous unit till it is changed.
Before inputting the LOADS to the structure facility is available in STAADPRO as per the screen shot.
  • Check Multiple Structures.

Some times by mistake the user would have without his knowledge created too many members and structure. Better use this tool menu to remove the multiple structures. It is the responsibility of the applicator to verify that there exists only one structure and not more than it for any model.
Check for multiple structure in Staadpro
Check for multiple structure in Staadpro

  • Check Duplicate :

a. Nodes.
b. Members.
c. Plates.
  • Check Orphan Nodes:

Sometimes by mistake some nodes would have been added and no members are formed through the nodes and they would have been left as an orphan. It is necessary to check and remove these orphan nodes to proceed further.
  • Check for Warped plates:

Check whether the plates formed contain any warp using the command “Check for Warped plates” after selecting the plates.
  • Check Improperly connected plates and Check Beam Plate connectivity:

The above two commands in STAADPRO enable the user to check the continuity of the plate with other plates and beams formed while modeling the structure. If they are not well welded then the distribution of forces and continuity between them cannot be guaranteed. Hence these checks are important.


Correct assessment of loads both dead and live loads are important since excessive assumed loads may lead to uneconomical member sizes and footing sizes. Also excessive loads will be adding more weight in the case of seismic forces.
Ref: by T.Rangarajan.

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