Wednesday, April 05, 2017

How to Specify member properties graphically in Staadpro?

  • To define member properties, click on the Property Page icon located on the top toolbar.

Alternatively, one may go to the General | Property page from the left side of the screen as shown below.

  • In either case, the Properties dialog box comes up (see figure below). The property type we wish to create is the W shape from the AISC table. This is available under the Section Database button in the Properties dialog box as shown below. So, let us click on the Section Database button.

    For beam and column properties in Rcc structure you have to click on Define button next to Section Database.

    • In the Section Profile Tables dialog box that comes up, select W Shape under the American option. Notice that the Material box is checked. Let us keep it that way because it will enable us to subsequently assign the material constants E, Density, Poisson, etc. along with the cross-section since we want to assign the default values.
      Choose W12X35 as the beam size, and ST as the section type. Then, click on the Add button as shown in the figure below.
    For beam and column properties in Rcc structure after clicking on Define button next to Section Database you get dialog box as shown below. Click on Rectangle for rectangular properties.

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