Tuesday, January 23, 2018

What is the meaning of ‘cut off mode 150’ in STAAD software?

CUT OFF MODE 150 means the user has requested the software to consider 150 modes for the dynamic analysis. By default the software considers 6 modes and in case more number of modes are required to get enough mass participation (greater than 90% is recommended by most codes), user can do so by using the CUT OFF MODE command. More details are available in technical reference section 5.30.1.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Types of Shear Reinforcement

The following three types of shear reinforcement are used

  • Vertical stirrups
  • Bent up bars along with stirrups.
  • Inclined stirrups.

Vertical stirrups

  • These are the steel bars vertically placed around the tensile reinforcement at suitable spacing along the length of the beam. Their diameter varies from 6mm to 16mm.
  • The free ends of the stirrups are anchored in the compression zone of the beam to the anchor bars (hanger bar) or the compressive reinforcement.
  • The spacing of stirrups near the supports is less as compared to spacing near the midspan since shear force is maximum at the supports.
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Type of vertical stirrups:
  • Single Legged Stirrup
  • Two Legged Stirrup
  • Four Legged Stirrup
  • Six Legged Stirrup