Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Why Learn midas Civil? What type of bridge type can Midas civil cam

 Midas is not only related to Bridge engineering, but also buildings , geotechnical and  mechanical.

In addition ican for drawings.

When it comes to bridge engineering, first choice is top educational firm.

Other private consultant 

It can handle Cable Stayed Bridges, Metro structures and any other special structures.

First question arise, what type of Bridge type can Midas civil can handle?

  • Conventional Bridges

Frame Bridge

Slab Bridge

Precast (spliced) Girder Bridge

Integral Bridge

Steel Plate (Flare ) girder bridge

Steel Box girder Bridge 

  • It can handle different constructional mythology for Staged Segmental Bridges such as

Balanced Cantilever Method Bridge

Incremental Launching Method Bridge

Movable Scaffolding Method Bridge

Precast Segmental Method Bridge

Full Staging Method Bridge 

  • Specialize tool to handle Cable - stayed Bridge and Suspension Bridge such as  

Cable Stayed Bridge

Extra - dosed Bridge

Suspension Bridge


Analysis Capabilities:
It can handle conventional to structure software. 
It can handle from simple static analysis to advance analysis- construction stage analysis, dynamic non linear analysis.

Quick Modelling Wizards:

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